One of the things that cannot be replaced forever is time. You can replace the loss of health with medications, loss of study by knowledge, lost wealth by industry. Even God cannot rewind the time. So we should utilize time wisely. The key to managing time appropriately is not to spend it but to invest it. 

We are all given 24 hours per day. However, some of us utilize them properly while others lose it very quickly. We all have a choice to spend the time the way we want but only few of us copes to do it efficiently. 

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Time management is necessary to control your life and avoid stress. All of us enjoy extra few hours every day at the end of the day. So to manage time properly, we would better set priorities. A symptom of overconfidence is poor time management.  

Time management is a must for your career success and personal life. You should balance everything starting with hanging out with friends, organization activities, studying, preparing for classes, and sleeping. 

Use the following recommendations to write your time management skills essay in a good way. If you want to spend your time wisely, check out these tips:

recommendations to write your time management skills essay
  • Set targets. Define what you want to reach and prioritize it. It might be a goal that you would like to achieve in a year, semester, week or day. Define your academic target. You will be able to look straight ahead if you set goals. If you fail to do this, you might experience stress and will not reach your goal.
  • Make a priority. Prioritize your activities as soon as you define your goals. It will let you figure out what things need to be done fast and which ones might set aside. Mark your deadlines in a calendar. Manage time, according to your priorities. Avoid stress trying to do everything at once.
  • Generate a “To Do” list. Plan your assignments as well as the time you want to accomplish them. Make a weekly or daily planner. Also, you might plan your schedule a month ahead. It will serve you as a reminder. 
  • Tackle interruptions. When you do your tasks, you might come across many interruptions. Minimize and prioritize them. Set rules for the time you have.
  • Utilize additional time. Do not while it away but make use of it. For instance, think about the way you can accomplish the task when you wait for your professor. Manage your time into pieces. Finally, you will feel free from stress and able to fact the next challenge the next day.
  • Avoid excessive relaxation. Do not sleep more than 6 hours because it is enough to relax for your body. Do not kill your time by sitting idle as well. Instead, stretch your body and exercise to get into the action rhythm. 

Being an employer, you might use the following strategies to help your employees cope with stress and manage time effectively:

  • Involve everyone. Make the process of training mandatory for everyone. Let every one of them know that time management is everyone’s concern.
  • Invest a day. Include the time management training on a separate day. Inform everyone that this workshop is beneficial. 
  • Make the process of time management interesting. There are many things published online which are rather boring. Find the most engaging and fun as well as useful ones. Make the training easy to understand and be creative. 

To sum up, it is up to you whether to accept our pieces of advice and manage time wisely. However, if you ask older people what is the thing they would like to turn back and change, they will answer you that it is time. 

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