Do you know the most critical resource in students’ life? Of course, this is the time. We have put together several time management strategies to tell you how to use learning time more efficiently. With our essay on time management for college students, you will always have a few hours left for more enjoyable activities than learning. 

How to manage your time to complete tasks in college

  • The first thing you can’t do without is a notebook. Buy a diary, notebook, calendar – any format convenient for you. Write down all your plans for the day. Don’t forget to mention details, such as class numbers and your activities after classes and meetings. Find the best time to write an essay. And, depending on the volume of the article, postpone all other cases for 2-3 hours.
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  • Don’t forget to take breaks. This is very important for writing a quality essay. You will not be able to concentrate on one task for very long. Breaks are needed to “reset” the brain. But don’t overdo it – too long breaks can cause you to postpone writing an essay for another day.
  • Limit yourself from all distractions. Turn off your phone, TV, or background music. Don’t let anyone or anything distract you. It sounds like it’s impossible. But in reality, it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance.
  • Don’t forget about the food. Light snacks will keep your energy at the proper level. And hunger will only prevent the rapid completion of the task.
  • Sleep. If you feel that your body is too exhausted and needs rest, give it yourself. And in general, listen more to your body. It will tell you how to do it right. A few hours of sleep will help to regain strength and finish writing with a clear mind.

Without frills: 5 time management tips for college students essay

In college, you will not only have to learn to manage your time skillfully. And also to use these skills effectively in practice. You will receive a wide variety of assignments. Among them are often quite creative – for example, writing an essay. Performing such tasks requires a particular approach. One way or another, to achieve any goal, you need to take gradual steps. If your goal is, for example, to write a time management essay in college, you need to make at least five necessary steps.

The first step is to choose a topic for the essay (if you haven’t been given one before).

The next step will be to define and formulate a thesis statement. You will build your essay around it.

The next three steps will probably take you the most time. You will conduct the research necessary for an argumentative persuasive text. The next step is to write the essay itself. And the last stage, of course, will be to check the article and correct the mistakes.

Remember that the mandatory element in managing your time remains to determine the goals and tasks required for you to achieve the goal. In particular, brainstorming and writing down your thoughts on the chosen (or given) topic.

Next, we want to introduce you to a good sample of essay on time management in college – how to perform complex tasks effectively.

“Elephant,” “cheese,” and “frog” – how do these words relate to time management? 

It often happens that we have quite tricky and not very pleasant tasks. In this case, it is quite challenging to motivate yourself to perform them, allocate time wisely, and spend as little effort and energy as possible. We will give you three brief tips on how to perform such tasks.


If the task is difficult and you have enough time to complete it, it is usually difficult for you to force yourself to complete it. In time management terminology, such tasks are called “elephants.” It can be, for example, learning a foreign language or writing a research paper. The only way to “eat” this “elephant” is to cut it into small beefsteaks and eat one every day. 


There is a method in time management called the “Swiss cheese method.” Its essence is to try to perform tasks, not in a logical order, but arbitrary order. Imagine that your goal is to eat a large piece of cheese. And, having chosen the most straightforward tasks for yourself, bite off this cheese a little. For example, to write an essay, you can first select illustrations, write your thoughts on the topic, form a few paragraphs. After a while, your “cheese” will have so many holes that it will no longer be trying to “finish” it. The main thing is to start, and then – it will go as a duck takes to water. 


Have you ever had things that you postpone to “later” not because they are challenging to perform, but because they are unpleasant to you? For example, you put off an urgent call, knowing that it will be uncomfortable. This is the “frog.” Brian Tracy, one of the most successful business consultants, names so essential tasks, the implementation of which requires a certain attitude. But it’s worth putting off such delays – it is with them that one should start one’s day. The Spaniards even have a saying: “Eat a frog every morning.” If you postpone important tasks for later, they can turn into a real problem. 

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Remember, you need concentration to do anything. Do not proceed to the next task without completing the previous one. You should not do many things at once because none of them will be done well in this case.

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Need more time?

Being able to organize your time correctly does not mean trying to keep up with everything and everywhere. And as long as you are a student, especially a beginner, you have the right to make a mistake. Students often do not immediately become an expert in the rational distribution and use of their own time. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right balance between learning and socializing when you want to meet new people and spend more time communicating than on regular tasks.

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Why it is so important for a student to learn time management

You can choose any strategy for effective time management. However, all approaches, in the end, come down to simple tips. Keep a calendar, write down all the cases there, determine the priority, and approximate time of each of them. And gradually fulfill each of the planned points. And no matter how difficult your task, by properly organizing your time, you will be able to do everything. If you don’t learn time management, you may not have time to enjoy college life.

Still have questions? Let’s answer them!

After reading a lot of advice on the correct timing, many students still have plenty of questions. We responded to the most common of them.

Why is time management important in college?

The success of college and future careers depends on the ability to plan one’s own time. Time management will be an integral helper for the correct prioritization when using time.

How does time management affect college students?

While studying in college, the student must be ready to acquire knowledge, use it in practice, and organize their learning activities and time. And it is the technology of time management that forms the student’s value attitude to time, the phenomenon of self-organization, and the learning process.

How do you organize your time in college?

I use a tool called “To do list” – a list of things to do. And then, I create a plan to perform these tasks. The most crucial step is to set priorities – I do not need a rigid task plan for each day or week, but I need to be able to make it so that, if necessary, move unfulfilled tasks from section to section.

How can students use time wisely?

The main secret of time management is concentration and focus. Start with your priorities and do everything consistently. One necessary thing is to observe the principle of full attention.

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