Having a job, everyone might have felt the pressure of stress. Whatever job you have, there are many stressful factors. Firstly, you might feel the deadline meeting pressure or challenging obligation fulfilling. It might get overwhelming when work stress is becoming chronic. It is harmful to both emotional and physical health. The long-term stress like this is a common thing, unfortunately. Let’s collect all the data about stress to compose the best stress management in the workplace essay.

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The sources of work stress 

These factors are going hand-in-hand with work-related stress. Here are some of them:

  • Excessive workloads.
  • Low salaries.
  • Work that is not challenging or engaging enough.
  • Few opportunities for advancement and growth.
  • Not having enough control over the particular job-related decisions.
  • Lack of support from society.
  • Unclear performance expectations or conflicting demands.

Uncontrolled stress effects

When you go home after the working day, work-related stress will not disappear. Being persistent, stress might take a toll on your well-being and health. 

With a stressful work environment, you might have issues like difficulty concentrating, short temper, sleep disturbances, stomachache, and headache. With chronic stress, you might experience a weakened immune system, high blood pressure, insomnia, and anxiety. It may also result in heart disease, obesity, and depression. Coping with the issue, people that experience excessive stress doing in such unhealthy ways as abusing drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, eating unhealthy foods, and overeating. 

Recommended steps to cope with stress

steps to cope with stress
  • Tracking the stressors. Keeping a journal for a few weeks, you will be able to define which situations are the most stressful and how to cope with them. Record your data about the environment, feelings, and thoughts. Include the physical setting and the way you reacted. It will help you define patterns and generate ways to manage stress.
  • Developing healthy responses. When you feel the tension rises, you would better make healthy choices. For example, you may go exercise instead of drinking alcohol or eating fast food. Take your time to spend on your favorite activities and hobbies. You might also get quality sleep to cope with stress. 
  • Establishing boundaries. You might feel pressure being available 24/7 in our digital world. So set your work-life boundaries. For instance, do not pick up the phone or read a message after 11 pm. Do not blend your home life with work life. Create some boundaries to eliminate work-life conflict and stress. 
  • Taking time to recharge. We need time to return to the pre-stress level and replenish to avoid burnout and chronic stress. It might include switching off from work (Do not participate in work-related activities and even do not think about work). It is important to disconnect sometimes. Do not waste your vacation days too. Take time to unwind and relax. Turn off your phone, concentrating on other activities.
  • Learning how to relax. The stress can be melted away thanks to mindfulness, deep breathing exercises, and meditation. Spend a few minutes on it each day to concentrate on a simple activity such as enjoying a meal, walking or breathing. It will help you get stronger and react adequately in many other spheres of your life.
  • Talking to your supervisor. Have an open conversation with your supervisor. Do not complain but offer ways out of stressful situations. For instance, it might include defining the wellness resources, clarification of the expectations from you, getting important support from colleagues, including more meaningful or challenging assignments or change the physical workplace.
  • Getting some support. The ability to manage stress might be improved by accepting help from family members and trusted friends. Besides, your employer might have their own resources to cope with stress such as mental health professional referral, counseling or online data. For instance, you might need to visit a psychologist if you face stress regularly.   

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