Stress is a common thing for all. However, according to the survey, women are more prone to it if compared with men. It might be due to several factors like a family that needs to be cared for, a heavy workload, or meeting deadlines. So women have little time to rest. Writing stress management at work research essay, you should take these things into consideration.

Forms of stress

There are 3 groups of stress that are based on severity. Here they are:

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  • Mild stress. This is a type of stress you should not worry about because it is a common thing. It is not harmful to all. Moreover, this type of stress might be even challenging and recommended to reach the company’s goals. Slight pressure is always beneficial. 
  • Acute stress. This type of stress is more serious and can affect health. The reasons for it might be bereavement, termination of employment, divorce, and other ones. This stress might leave a negative feeling that you missed the deadline for something.
  • Chronic stress. This is the most serious type of stress. A person cannot cope with it so the stress affects work and health. The reasons for it might be health, work-related, and family issues. 

Within some time, stress might affect people more seriously. Such forms of stress are caused by physiological and psychological reasons. Psychological issues might be feelings of loss of sense of perspective and confidence, resentfulness, and guilt. If the stress is built up, people have difficulty coping with issues of home and work, leading even to a nervous breakdown. 

The physiological issues are such health issues as insomnia, digestive troubles, fatigue, and high blood pressure. So the organizations have to find a way to deal with stress in the office to prevent their employees from more severe problems and make the work more productive. 

When people sit in front of the computer every day, it might cause health issues. For instance, such things might happen as an increased risk of miscarriage, epilepsy,  eye strain, and headaches. Eye strain might be caused by poor lighting. Back pains might be caused by a lack of back support in chairs. However, it was proven that an epileptic fit might be triggered with a flickering screen. 

Effects of stress on the organization

Effects of stress on the organization

Stress is a factor that can affect the productivity of the company severely. When the employee face constant stress, he or she will not be able to work well. It might lead to missed deadlines, for example. If stress issues are not solved, the company risks losing a lot of finances and human resources. 

What are the elements of stress management at work research essay?

Writing stress management at work research essay, you should take into consideration a fact that it must consist of 3 sections. The first part of the essay should be an introduction. Make sure it features a strong and catchy hook. Include an interesting thesis statement which is supposed to provide the reader with an answer to a question raised in a topic. 

Follow up your paper with the main body. Divide it into 3-5 parts. Begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence, backing up your thesis statement. Note that the flow should be smooth so utilize as many linking words and phrases as you can.

Finish the paper with a conclusion. Incorporate a restatement of the thesis statement and summary into this section. Do not add any new pieces of data here. Give your reader some food for thought and inspire them to act.

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