One in the field is not a warrior. Do you agree with this statement? Any project, even the smallest one, is implemented by a team. Who better to hire as a team, how these people will work, and what result they will bring – these and many other nuances are driven by the project manager. He is not just a leader. He is just an organizer, coordinator, motivator, and ideological inspiration. The project manager is responsible for the success of the project or its failure. 

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What does the project manager do?

The project manager covers a vast range of professional responsibilities. Let’s look at them in stages.

But first, let’s decide what the project is. A project is a process of creating a new product or service. And the word “process” means that it has a beginning and an end. Each project is unique. And this, in turn, means that each project has its scope, execution time, and goals. A project is a complex, non-routine, one-time effort limited by time, budget, resources, and performance specifications designed to meet the customers’ needs (Gray & Larson). And the project management tool is the project manager.

The role of the project manager in the project implementation.

Determining scope

The scope of the project determines its timeframe and the number of people involved. This is a difficult stage, as the project manager must study the requirements, statutes, and assets of the future process. And then clearly define the project boundaries.

Developing a project plan.

The success of any, even the smallest project, depends on a clear plan of action. It clearly outlines all the steps that are needed to implement the project. Project managers must require the involvement of other team members in the planning process.

Project implementation guidance.

Project management requires the manager to use resources and management tools skillfully. Project management information systems and expert judgment are the two main whales that underpin the project management process. The specialist experience – it is consultations with experts before making specific decisions. For the project to succeed, each stage of the project must be worked out. This is why project managers should consult with experts in a particular field. 

Coordination of resources and information is another vital process.

Yes, there is a specialty – project coordinator. However, it often happens that the coordination process must be managed by the manager together with the coordinator, or even himself. This occurs when individual processes are too crucial for the positive outcome of the project as a whole. The entire process of working on the product must be smooth, delayed, and force majeure.

Time and cost management

Time and cost management

Achieving a balance between individual project components is one of the main stages of the project. The project manager must reasonably evaluate all the resources required, weigh all the nuances of the case, and determine as accurately as possible the probable timing of the tasks. This is a kind of development of a business plan when you need to estimate the cost of equipment, labor, materials, and, accordingly, the time to achieve the goals. 

Procurement and risk assessment

Risk assessment, calculation of probable shortcomings, ways of overcoming the crisis, and procurement – the project manager should be directly involved in all this.

From all this, we can conclude that the project manager must possess an incredible amount of skills, knowledge, and skills. It is safe to say that the project manager is the heart and soul of the project. The project manager continually communicates with the customer and the directors. He must be able to establish communication between all project team members, solve problems quickly, resolve conflicts. Of course, this is a job for confident, stress-resistant, friendly, and intelligent people. A good project manager must possess certain innate character traits and, besides, have to undergo a complicated learning process to acquire a great deal of specific knowledge.

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