It is the process of analyzing, identifying, and responding to certain risk which might arise to meet the goal and assist the project in remaining. Risk management must be a part of the planning process to define the possible risk and the way to control it. To write a project risk management essay, you should take into account the steps of risk management. Also, we recommend you first to get acquainted with how to write project management essay.

6 steps in project risk management: 

  1. Planning risk management.
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There are several reasons for planning. Firstly, the risk managements take all the workflows, processes, and documentation as input. Everything is a potential source of risk. Secondly, risk management should not be done alone. You should be aware of your stakeholders. So their engagement must be planned. Thirdly, you should collect the knowledge and assets of your organization. So you will not create a wheel. The plan must cover all the details. A universal risk management approach does not exist. So you will have to choose processes, techniques, and tools individually.

  1. Risk identification.

It is worth mentioning that even a small project features a number of risks. So you will need to identify them. At first, just write them down. Do not evaluate them. Utilize potential risks checklists, evaluate the likelihood. With these checklists, the project team will be able to expand the team’s thinking and identify the specific risks. The potential risks might include people, environment, politics, finances, weather, client, schedule, cost, and technology. 

  1. Qualitative risk analysis performance.

It might be pricey to deal with all risks. There is no project, letting you tackle all the risks. Choose the risks with the most severe adverse effect. The possibility of such a threat might be adequate. Go from thousands of risks to a dozen. Risks might change and evolve their impact over the project time. 

  1. Planning risk responses.

What are the things you should do? Firstly, do something to avoid the risk. Secondly, do something to eliminate the probability and impact of the risk. Thirdly, reduce the negative impact, using the reserves. Fourthly, just accept the effects of the risk, doing nothing. 

  1. Risk responses implementation.

You will need to do such actions:

  • Each risk must have an owner. This person should work specifically on certain risks and monitor them.
  • Communicate about upcoming responses and risks with stakeholders.   
  • Collect all information concerning the risks such as scope, budget, and schedule.
  • After the implementation of risk responses, identify possible residual risk. 

Delegate ownership as much as you can for implementing risk responses. Concentrate on the bigger picture instead. 

  1. Risks monitoring.

Make sure the risk responses are timely and efficient. Focus on the new risks that might appear. You might feel the need to change the risk management approach and project baselines. Sometimes the feasibility of the project might be challenged by new risks. So the input should be assessed. 

Tips to write a risk management essay

Tips to write a risk management essay
  • Create a strong introduction. Make sure your hook is catchy and engaging. It must be interesting enough to draw your reader’s attention. Brainstorm your thesis statement. Note that a good thesis statement should be no longer than 2 sentences.
  • Generate body paragraphs. Begin each of the body paragraphs with a topic sentence. Represent each idea, supporting your thesis statement in every paragraph. Ensure you include enough statistics and facts into each paragraph.
  • Produce a solid conclusion. Summarize your main idea and restate your thesis statement here. There is no need to provide your reader with any sort of new information. 

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