With a project manager, project success is ensured, if it comes to time and costs. However, it might be rather difficult to become a project manager. For every good project manager, it is important to distinguish knowledge areas along with behaviors and skills and project management processes and management plan. It is a must for every IT project manager to understand project management clearly because every project managers play a crucial role in the organization.

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In this case, the project manager should control, execute, plan, and initiate the work of employees to reach a certain goal. It is important to carry out project management, utilizing various skill sets, knowledge, techniques, methodologies, and tools. The main project manager’s objective is to make sure the goals are achieved and whether he or she really worked on a project, taking into account management risk There is a completion of the project and starting point in every project so it is temporary by nature. In IT there are 4 elements of a project:

  • Scope. It includes requirements, goals, and project size.
  • Resources. It involves equipment, workforce, materials, and tools. 
  • Time. It refers to the critical path, dependencies, schedule, and duration of the project.
  • Money. It refers to the benefits and costs of the project.

The most important element of the construction projects is the scope because it incorporates other elements. So it must be well-managed and feature monitoring and controlling. However, other elements should not be ignored too at any phase of the project. 

Approaches to the Project Management


The vast majority of effectively managed IT projects fail since poor decision-making, leading to expensive costs and resources. It might happen if project plan was not created, well-implemented, or valid. Hence, in every project execution, it is important to define the time frame, tasks, dependencies, and activities, if you are expecting the success of the project.


The targets the company and project stakeholder need to achieve must be defined. The project includes the people’s needs that are targeted by stakeholders and projects.


It includes things to be delivered to people. They must be in line with the goals of the project.


There must be a duration defined for the goals to be completed and the resources that need to be utilized should be set.

The project life cycle should be understood by the manager since the project manager and team has one thing in common that accomplishes the project set objectives. Each project must follow a set of closure, implementation, planning, and initiation phase. 

Initiation phase

At this step, the project’s objective is identified. Good objective responses should be determined too. To ensure the stated strategies are valid for the project targets, it is important to conduct a feasibility study. As soon as it happens, the project manager is selected to oversee the project.

Planning phase

At this step, the team should come up with much-developed strategies to accomplish the project’s objectives. All the activities to be accomplished are defined. It involves tasks and resources. In this phase, the work to be done, estimating the cost, and preparing a schedule are identified.

Implementation phase

At this step, all the activities are to be carried out. In this phase, effective control, recording, communication are essential to make sure each activity is done with set resources and within the stipulated time. 

Closing phase

This phase refers to releasing the project’s resources, terminating contracts with suppliers, and project documents. 

How to write a project management essay?

There are a few steps you must follow to write a solid essay on project management. First of all, begin your paper with a comprehensive introduction. It must be engaging and interesting. Try to make it brief, clear, and concise. 

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Number 2 step is to generate body paragraphs. Note that each of them must begin with a topic sentence, representing the main idea of the essay. All of them should support the thesis statement, represented in the intro. Include transitions to make the flow smoother. For instance, you might utilize such linking words and phrases as “Moreover”, “To add more”, “Besides”, “On the contrary”, “To conclude”, etc. 

Finish your essay with a conclusion. It must not contain any new data and should restate the thesis statement. You might also add there a call to action or food for thought. 


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What is the most important thing about the project management essay?

If you want to know how to write an essay about project management, you should take into consideration the main elements of project management and the skills of a good project manager. The essay on project management must include the phases of the right project management.

Why do I want to compose a project management paper?

If you want to be a successful student and leader in the future, you would better get prepared for it in advance. The more you know about project management, the better your performance at this position will be.

Why project management certifications are so necessary for my paper?

They are necessary if you wonder how to start a project management essay because they include all the data required.

Why should I study the project management paper?

There are many project management essay ideas to help you be aware of the reason why you should study project management. But the truth is the more knowledge you have, the wiser you become. So if you want to be able to tackle all the issues working in some organization, you would better study project management, at least, to be able to begin and end the projects.

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