Administration and management are both necessary functions that back up the success of any organization or business. But what is the difference between administration and management?

Here you will find the answer to this question and the way management differs from the administration. However, both of them should be present in a company to perform well. 

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In short, the administration is concerned about how the things are done when management looks at getting things done. 

Let’s go to the definition of administration and management to know the difference better. With it, you will write your essay on the project management and administrative stage perfectly.

What is the definition of management?

Management is concentrated on managing resources. Also, it is focused on managing particular people and the way they are used by the company to reach a common result or goal. 

Briefly speaking, a manager should pool resources together like industry knowledge, financial resources, equipment or plant, and people to achieve a certain aim.

The manager should often juggle the various stakeholders’ competing priorities that are hard and limited to attain resources. They also need to take into consideration changing market conditions and competition to get the necessary results.

Besides, there is a human factor, bringing with it fears, desires, relationships, and emotions that should be managed. However, like in a sporting team, even with the best players, the positive outcome is not guaranteed. 

If the manager fails to coordinate the human capital, it will lead to a decrease in motivation, poor control and planning, and a lack of direction. 

What is the definition of administration?

The administration is focused on the process which is around the operating business. The administrator is responsible for the goal to concentrate on the way sales opportunities are forecast, managed, and closed. 

When the organization is of sufficient size, the administrator is concentrated on human resources. The administration is all about the establishment of goals, objectives, plans, policies, and procedures, enforcing regulations as well as rules. It will lead to an important organizational framework via which the company management functions.      This is a point where the administration and management are related.  For example, the manager motivates and leads the team while the administrator develops and follows the policies when firing or hiring people. 

What are the main differences between management and administration?

differences between management and administration
  • Administration consists of setting policies and objectives when management entails plans and actions.
  • Management targets at managing both work and people. Administration concentrates on how the best company’s resources are possible to be utilized.
  • There is a role of administration in all management decisions but the input of management is not required in all administrative decisions. 
  • The administration is concentrated on creating and setting procedures and policies. Management deals with the way tasks are executed and the broader functions of the company.
  • The functions of administrator are typically defined when managers operate and act differently from person to person.
  • The management style of the company might change with the installation or removal of the manager. Administrative procedures and policies might remain and untouched in this case.
  • The law and legislation might influence the company’s administrative functions. However, the manager selects to lead and guide their team according to the company’s culture or experience. 

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