Operations and project managers supervise employees and maintain the company’s growth. They both supervise daily activities. However, the project manager works to coordinate the development and design team efforts and production staff. The operations managers concentrate on productivity goals and bringing cohesion to the organization. 

Responsibilities of operations managers and project managers

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Project managers maintain and plan the company’s newest endeavor momentum. it includes launching a space station and a new product creation. Operations managers focus on the functions of the company on a daily basis. It might include planning the supplies use and training new staff. They both create targets for the business and project, according to the company’s already established plan. To add more, they might create a budget that covers facilities, employees, and materials.      So you should take these things into consideration when writing an essay operations management and project management. 

Project managers

These employees meet the company’s executives and clients to establish the objectives and details of the project. They might create diagrams to break the plan into milestones. These diagrams will show the way of each step towards the final goal. The supervised projects might end in the form of buildings, vehicles, and films. The project proposal is developed by the project managers. It is acting like a contract between the project team and stakeholders since it identifies deliverables, resources, and schedules. They should prepare for setbacks like raw materials and trouble getting building permits.

Here are the project manager’s job responsibilities:

  • Hiring a production and design team.
  • Learning the motives of every team member to encourage productivity that might include vacation time and pay bonuses.
  • Tracking employee’s progress through observing what needs to be done and what is completed.
  • Informing the stakeholders concerning the changes to the schedule, resources or budget.

Operations managers

These employees are developing policies that meet the business targets of the company. These guidelines might work to set the workplace overall culture where the operations manager must be the model. To add more, they hire people that will add to the productivity and atmosphere. These managers establish often duties list and job descriptions to keep each employee position clear. It assists management in viewing how various departments should be coordinated to cooperate as one unit. When the procedures and workflow between the departments must be reworked, these managers offer these modifications to executive management. Depending on the industry, the wages of the operations managers might vary widely.

Here are the operations managers’ job responsibilities:

  • Disciplining such employees that do not follow the company’s policies and rules.
  • Developing the work schedules of employees.
  • Maintaining the working relationship with logistical operations and vendors.
  • Submitting annual raises and evaluating employee performance.

How to write an essay on operations management and project management?

How to write an essay

First and foremost, try to understand and evaluate the differences and peculiarities between these two professions. Make sure you can tell how the project manager position differs from an operations manager position. 

Secondly, it is very important to create an outline. Brainstorm your ideas about the essay and jot them down logically. Note that your paper should consist of 5-7 paragraphs, one of which is your introduction and conclusion. Make sure your main body supports your thesis statement and the flow of the representation of the ideas is smooth.

Thirdly, finish your essay with a call to action or give your reader food for thought. Ensure there is no additional or new data included in your conclusion. Only restate the thesis statement, summarizing the main ideas. 

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