Project management is a big task. It features a certain beginning and end. Project management devices assist us in tracking project tasks and measurement of progress. Tools let us manage the ad-hoc resources because the projects do not draw on the dedicated, ongoing full-time positions that are found in businesses. 

If you have these resources and tools at the disposal, the project’s success is not guaranteed. We need something to guide the team from the start till the finish.

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5 process groups and project control as parts of the project management process:


All great projects begin with a service, product or another desirable outcome idea. The scope and the nature of the project are determined by the initiating process group. If this stage is not performed well, there will be no success in meeting the needs of the business. 

There are 2 project controls that are needed such as incorporating the necessary checks and business environment understanding. There are 2 serious things to take into consideration via this process: 1) reporting the deficiencies; 2) making the recommendation to correct them. 


The next step is planning the proper level of detail. The main task is to plan resources, cost, and time to manage risk effectively and estimate the needed work effectively throughout the project execution.

The project management plan includes all this data. The project will not be successful if there is a failure in planning. 

Here are the components of planning:

  • Developing a schedule
  • Developing a scope statement
  • Selecting a team
  • Developing a budget
  • Identifying deliverables
  • Creating the work breakdown structure
  • Establishing the communication plan
  • Planning for risk


It includes the processes utilized to do the work identified in the project management plan. It is all about the project objectives’ accomplishing. This process includes coordinating resources and people and also performing and integrating the project activities. The deliverables are generated like the outputs from the performed processes and defined in the plan.


The monitoring process group includes tracking and managing the project. The potential issues might be defined quickly for the team to act correctly. therefore, the plan is utilized for this target.

Monitoring consists of:

  • Monitoring the project variables (scope, effort, cost).
  • Measuring the ongoing project activities.
  • Identifying proper actions to address problems and risks.
  • managing modifications utilizing the control process change.

When the project achieves the objectives and goals, the monitoring process group finishes. Sometimes the project might be stoped earlier to a completion date. It might happen for many reasons like higher priorities, lack of resources, and modifications in business. 


This part is crucial in project management. All activities are finished at this step as well as process groups that are signing off and disbanding the project. 

Here the managers should analyze how well the project was. The closure report is used to do it. It indicates how well the project was done against the original business tolerances, duration, cost, quality measures, and case. It is wise to publish the lessons learned report that will pass to future projects. 

Project control

Project control

This is a step when the manager keeps the budget, on-time, and on track. It begins with planning and finishes with a post-implementation review of the project.

The projects must be assessed for the proper level of needed control. It is time-consuming to spend a lot of time on too much control, but too little of control might be risky. 

Here are the most important parts of project control:

  • Standards for the new systems
  • Overall business strategy
  • Change management
  • Project management policies
  • Quality control

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