TQM (Total quality management) is a process of reducing and detecting mistakes in streamlining the supply chain management, manufacturing, mastering the customer experience, making sure that employees can speed with training. It features a target of holding all parties involved in the accountable production process for the overall final service or product quality. 

A management consultant, William Deming, developed TQM. His work had a great effect on Japanese manufacturing. TQM concentrates on ensuring process standards and internal guidelines eliminate errors. 

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Understanding TQM

TQM is a well-structured approach to overall organizational management. The concentration of this process is to master the organization’s outputs quality, including services and goods via internal practices continual improvement. The standards of the TQM approach might reflect both any industry standards and internal priorities currently in place. 

It is possible to define industry standards at multiple levels and might include following various regulations and laws that govern the particular business operation. The industry standards might include also the item’s production to the understood norm, even if official regulations do not back the norm. 

Main principles of TQM

Total Quality Management targets at continual business operations improvement and is a considered customer-concentrated process. It aims at making sure all associated employees are working toward common targets of mastering service or product quality like mastering the procedures which are in place for production. 

Industries that use TQM

Despite the fact, TQM originates in the manufacturing sector, the principles of it might be applied to various industries. Concentrated on the long-term modification over short-term targets, TQM is designed to give a systematic change cohesive vision. Keeping it in mind, Total  Quality Management is utilized in various industries, including medicine, finance, banking, and manufacturing. 

Such techniques might be applied to each department within the individual organization too. It helps make sure each employee works towards the targets that were set by the company, mastering function in every area. Involved departments might include employee training, production, marketing, and administration. 

Primary elements of TQM

Primary elements of TQM
  1. Customer-concentrated. The level of quality is determined by the customer. Whatever the company does to improve the quality, the customer is the one to determine whether the efforts are worthy.
  2. Total employee involvement. Each employee works toward the common target. 
  3. Process centered. TQM focuses on process thinking. The process consists of several steps, taking inputs from the suppliers and transforming them into outputs. To detect unexpected variation, the steps carrying out the process are defined.
  4. Integrated system. Despite the fact that the company might consist of various functional specialties, the horizontal processes interconnect all these functions. 
  5. Systematic and strategic approach. According to it, the organization should achieve goals, have vision and mission. 
  6. Continual improvement. It drives the company to be both creative and analytical to find ways to be more effective and competitive to meet stakeholders’ expectations.
  7. Fact-grounded decision making. It is necessary to have information on performance measures. The company should analyze and collect information to improve the accuracy of decision making, allow forecast, and achieve consensus.
  8. Communications. Communications play a big part in motivating employees and maintaining morale at all levels. They involve timelines, methods, and strategies. 

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