Everyone might have been angry, at least, once in life. So everyone is aware of what anger is. Anger might vary widely. A variety of things might sparkle it. It is natural to be angry and this is a potentially productive emotion. Nevertheless, anger might get out of control, becoming problematic and destructive.

What is the reason why people get angry? People do this in case their expectations are not met. So people are reverting to illusions of control when the expectations are not met.

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There are several sources of anger: behavioral, cognitive, and psychological. Behavioral sources of anger might come from the environment that people create for themselves. The people who are chronically angry tend to create an atmosphere where others become aggressive in return, so a cycle of anger is created. The foundation of cognitive sources of anger is the way people perceive things. The perceptions might be accurate but the situation might be threatening. 

There might be no reason for anger but people’s emotions and biases take over and lead to aggression. Physiological anger is considered to be natural anger. For example, when we are physically attacked, our bodies are responding, making us angry physically. 

Expressing anger

We respond to certain threats with anger. Therefore, aggressin might sometimes be an appropriate response to anger because it lets us defend ourselves. Thus, some amount of anger is important. To add more, anger might be useful when expressing the way we feel to others. Nevertheless, we are impossible to get angry with everything and everyone we encounter. Hence, we should learn to express anger in a proper way.

There are 3 main approaches if it comes to anger expression – calming, suppression, and expression. Expression supposes conveying the feelings in a non-aggressive but assertive way. this is the most appropriate method to cope with your anger. Nevertheless, you should ensure that you respect others and are not pushy or demanding that might generate aggression in return.

Anger might also be redirected and repressed. You should stop thinking about anger source and concentrate on something else that might be approached in a constructive manner. Nevertheless, you should be careful when you repress angry feelings. It might be damaging and dangerous to repress anger without a constructive outlet. 

Finally, you might respond to anger by concentrating on calming down. Control your internal and external responses to anger. Relax and take a deep breath.

What individual might do to eliminate anger?

  • Relaxation. Try deep breathing, repeating slowly a relaxing phrase, relaxing exercise, and utilizing peaceful imagery.
  • Cognitive restructuring. Think more positively about a certain situation, do not use terms such as “never” or “always”, utilizing logic on yourself in order to prevent irrational behavior, and changing the approach.
  • Problem-solving. To diffuse the strong feelings, you should approach the situation from the problem solver perspective. Create a plan on how you might change the situation with good intentions.
  • Better communication. Angry people tend to overreact and jump to conclusions. Think about what you say and slow down to avoid the issue. Ensure that you understand what other people really say before you respond to them. Try not to be too critical. Listen more than speak.
  • Utilizing humor. Defuse your anger by not taking yourself too seriously. Utilize humorous imagery and make fun of yourself. Do not use harsh or sarcastic humor that is actually one more expression of anger. Use humor and ignore the problem. 
  • Change your environment. We might be irritated because of the environment. So take a break and schedule your personal time. When you become stressed, you should go away for 15 minutes to refresh and regroup.

What is the best way to write an anger management essay?

Writing an anger management essay, you should follow certain rules. Every short essay on anger management writing must include such things as:

  • Pick up the topic. First and foremost, you are to select the topic that sounds interesting for you. It should resonate with you and be about things you are the most passionate about. Make sure the topic you choose is interesting and broad.
  • Read the sample essay on anger management. Before you begin to write, you would better check out what other students have already written about the selected topic. By reading a similar paper, you might get inspired and be ready to produce your own masterpiece. 
  • Conduct research. Every essay must be well-researched. try to find as many credible sources as you can. However, avoid using such websites as Wikipedia and blogs. Choose the most reliable sources, for example, you may use the material from “Psychology Today” if you are writing a paper on anger management. 
  • Outline your text. The best thing you can do to improve your essay is to create a solid outline before you actually begin to write it. map out your ideas and present them in a logical way. Make sure the ideas are not repeated and presented smoothly.
  • Follow the anger management essay format. When you finish writing the essay, you should make sure all the instructions and requirements for formatting are followed. It might be APA, MLA, Chicago Turabian, or Harvard styles of formatting. If your essay is about anger management, you are likely to be asked to use APA formatting type.
  • Proofread and edit. As soon as you finish writing your essay, you will have to proofread it and fix mistakes or typos if any. Also, you are recommended to ask your friend to proofread your essay since another pair of eyes might protect and prevent you from fail. 
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How to structure the essay about anger management?

How to structure the essay about anger management

First of all, start your essay with an introduction. It must be interesting and engaging. include a hook into your introduction and add the thesis statement. The thesis statement should be no longer than 2 sentences and represent the main idea. Elaborate on this idea throughout the main body. begin every body paragraph with a topic sentence. Provide each idea about your claim with backup information like facts and statistics. Finish your paper on anger management with a conclusion where you should restate your thesis or add a brief summary of the main ideas. No way you are to add new data to the conclusion, only the already mentioned facts and thoughts. motivate your reader and give them a goo for thought or a call-to-action at the end.

Samples of anger management essays:

Samples of anger management essays 1
Samples of anger management essays 2

What are the best topics for anger management essay?

  1. Stop Blaming Others.
  2. Dealing With Your Emotions.
  3. Anger Causes and Management.
  4. Anger Signs and Anger Management.
  5. Fear the Real Cause of Anger.
  6. Myths Of Anger Management.
  7. A Technique to Control Anger.
  8. Anger Problem and Solutions.
  9. Positive Way To Deal With Your Anger and Frustration.
  10. How to Respond to Anger and Angry People.
  11. How to Get Rid of Negative Emotions?
  12. Emotions and Stock Trading.

What is the best way to write an anger management essay?

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The things to conclude…

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There are many anger management programs to have a healthy emotion. To manage anger one may check the blood pressure, according to American psychological management techniques. To handle anger the individual should stop domestic violence. During anger management classes a person who constantly experiences anger might find out that anger is a natural phenomenon. So there might be some mild irritation in every person so there is no need to fight or flight and panic about it.

People also ask about…

What is an anger management essay?

An essay about anger management is all about the process of learning to recognize the signs that you become angry, taking actions to calm you down, and dealing with the situation in the most productive way. However, anger management essay is not about keeping you from feeling anger and encouraging you to hold it in. 

How to write an essay on anger management?

First and foremost, select the topic you are impressed the most. Secondly, conduct solid research and find the most reliable and credible sources. Thirdly, generate a logical outline, mapping out the main ideas. As you finish writing the essay on anger management, feel free to proofread it, and edit. For this, you might ask your friend or groupmate. Is anger management a mental illness?

Is anger management a mental illness?

Many things might trigger anger, including financial problems, family issues, and stress. For some people, the main reason for anger is an underlying disorder like depression or alcoholism. Anger itself is not a disorder. However, it is a symptom of a more severe mental health problem.

How do I suppress my anger?

Think before you speak. Express your anger when you calm down. Get some physical exercise. Take a timeout for some time. Identify possible solutions to your problems. Do not hold a grudge. To release tension, use humor. Try not to take yourself too seriously. 

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