The 4 Functions of Management Introduction

A business organization is an entire live organism with hundreds of elements connected to each other. The aim of every system is to develop and grow in financial and other terms that are set to estimate the results of a concrete company.

The fundamental concept of management technology defines four key functions of managers – to plan, to organize, to lead (to motivate) and to control. All of them are considered equally important for enterprise success. Writing your essay, ensure that all four functions of management are represented equally clear and complete.

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Our recommendation for this essay is to give the definition of each management function, shortly describe its role, provide the key elements and characteristics. This management essay also shows the students’ understanding of 4 functions’ practical application. The introduction and conclusions are required.

The four functions reflect the logical management process that “never ends”. They will be paragraphs of your 4 functions of management essay body:

  1. First, we need to set concrete measurable goals and the general course, strategic direction (planning).
  2. To create the “infrastructure” that provides opportunities and matches the achievement of these goals (organizing).
  3. To lead all employees through the period to business results (leading, sometimes they use – motivating).
  4. To measure the process to ensure that organization and its key elements are going in the right direction, with the needed speed and the set parameters of quality, etc. (controlling).

This scheme reflects the highest level of management (the entire organization). The four functions are typical for any level of management – department, team, etc.

Planning Function of Management

Strategic planning aims to define goals and the strategy that helps to achieve them. It starts with a complex analysis of current results and competitive positions, strong and weak sides, key influencing factors (internal and external), market trends, opportunities, challenges, etc. Strategic goals can include financial goals, target market share, and position, expansion indicators, etc. Planning requires setting measurable goals for a concrete period. 

Two other levels of planning are tactical (short-term) planning and operational planning (puts the pieces of strategic goals into practice). 

Organizing Function of Management

It is about creating a structure where all resources, especially the company’s employees will be distributed in the optimum way to achieve the goals. This management function establishes the internal processes of employees’ efficient cooperation, hierarchy, roles, functions, delegation, responsibility, administration, etc. Successful managers are reorganizing the structure and processes, and relocating human resources until the whole system works on maximum possible efficiency. 

Leading (Motivation) Function of Management

Leading means actions that managers take to motivate employees, to influence and cause the necessary behavior that helps to achieve company goals. It includes the set of tools – communication, recognizing the employee’s condition, creating a strong personal motivation system, encouraging, inspiring, coaching, reinforcement, etc. The role of employees’ motivation is crucial. Motivated and dedicated staff members show better results and support the company on the way to its strategic goals. Strong leadership is the basis of a company’s long-term success.   

Controlling Function of Management

Controlling means the assessment of a company’s performance using various indicators. It helps managers to evaluate the execution of the plan within set tasks and deadlines. The manager compares planned indicators to the real ones, and take measures if he or she finds deviations. Each function and role in the company should have its own KPIs (key performance indicators). Effective control means creating a system that will be supported with analytical tools to track processes’ success. Quick response is critical in a fast-changing business environment. 

The 4 functions of a management essay should reflect the real practice of business organizations. An excellent essay is telling about the four functions considering the current trends of their implementation.

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