When you run a business, you might come across various risk types. Some of them might cause serious damage or even destroy the business. However, it is possible to prepare for potential risks and prevent them. 

Identifying risks

When a risk is real, a business might eliminate its negative impact on clients, the lost productivity and time, and impact on earnings. For established organizations and startup businesses, the ability to define the potential threat of the risk is a key feature of strategic business planning. You can use various methods to define business risks. The threats might be managed through elimination, reduction, transfer, or acceptance. Writing an essay on a business venture as health science and risk management personnel, you should take into account these factors.

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Risk prevention

The best way to cope with risks is to prevent them. It might be achieved through physical premises maintenance, equipment maintenance, safety checks, background checks, and employee training.  Each staff member must be trained to handle the risk situation. Also, there must be a person employed as a risk manager to cope with risks. He or she should be able to prevent hazardous materials accidents, explosion, fire, or occurrence of other emergencies. 

The employees should be aware of where to exit the office space or building and what to do in case of an emergency. There must be a safety inspection plan to be implemented and developed regularly including education and training of the personnel when it is important. There must be stringent and periodic review of the potential risks. The issues must be immediately addressed. Besides, the insurance coverage must be upgraded and periodically reviewed. 

Implementing strategies for health care

Risk management plans are particular and specific to various healthcare facilities. The priority concern is patient needs. The risk management plans should be well-documented and cover patient-specific risks. Of course, they should be accessible to people who work with patients. 

A lot of patient risks might be eliminated by adequately training staff and physicians, providing counseling services, encouraging staff-members strong communication, and conducting competency assessments. Here are the strategies to be used in healthcare:

  • Not filling the expired prescriptions. Patients should be sent an adequate notification of prescription expiration. so the communication between physicians and patients should be supported, eliminating prescription medication abuse.
  • Following up on the missing test results. The test results might be lost or the additional medical test appointments might fail. There should be developed a plan to monitor test results for patients to be consulted.
  • Tracking the missed appointments. A system to follow-up with patients that fail to reschedule appointments when they miss them should be implemented.
  • Communicating with patients. Patients should get comprehensive information to eliminate the misinterpretation of physician orders.
  • Prevent immobility and falls. Such modifications as institutional lighting, toilets and bathtubs lacking grab bars, and bed rails should be made.
  • Sufficient record retention. The patient records should be kept on file for a long period of time. There must be plans that are made for disposing of records.     

How to write an essay on the business venture as health science and risk management personnel?

How to write an essay

Writing such a paper, you should take into account all the information about risks in business and healthcare to produce a high-quality essay. However, make sure your paper consists of the following elements:

  1. Introduction.

Open up the essay with a catchy hook. Make sure your thesis statement answers the question from a guideline by your professor. 

  1. Body paragraphs.

Include 3-5 paragraphs into your main body. Note that each paragraph should start with a topic sentence, supporting your thesis statement. 

  1. Conclusion. 

This is the last but not least part of the paper. Summarize your main ideas and restate your thesis statement. Try to inspire your reader to act in a certain way which is actually, your target of writing this paper. 

All things considered, you should apply your skill to think critically and analyze the information to compose a successful essay. If you need some assistance regarding writing this paper, you can buy a paper online 24/7. Go, order a paper online now and enjoy your life!

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