Management itself is an act (or art) of allocating resources in a way that enables the company to achieve its business goals. It is also the ability to lead people and get things done through uniting and directing the efforts of all employees towards the goal. Business management includes functions of planning, organization, coordination, and control.

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The word “management” comes from Latin words – “manus” (means – hand) and “agere” (to act). Business management is a “verb”, an action and a road to success. Business organizations’ aim is to make a profit and stay competitive in a long-term period. It requires both – strategy and operations management. 

Successfully managed business organizations create and continuously increase the value for their customers and all stakeholders. Modern organizations also greatly affect the environment around them – their industry, region, society, and world. 

Now, the speed of changes in the world is the highest of all times. Technology development, innovation, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc. are breaking the old practices in all industries. Business management in today’s world is a very dynamic field of knowledge. New challenges and opportunities appear every day.

Business Management Extended Essay Structure

Extended essay type requires using both – business management theory and practice. A student needs to show a deep understanding of main management concepts and their practical application. The recommended structure is:

  • Short topic introduction and why it is important to research it today. The relevance of the essay topic should be supported by some challenges that need to be solved by business managers. This will show that a student is well-versed in the topic and can “catch” the most important current trends of the business.
  • Essay body. Depending on the topic, it can include some short observation of fundamental business management concepts that are relevant to solve an essay topic’s task. The concentrated and supported by the latest facts description of a business situation or concrete business case. The solutions for essay main task. Observation of tools that help to increase the efficiency of business management in your topic field. Optional – key threats and risks to consider for future success.
  • Business management essay conclusions. The main unique results and interesting findings of your research on the topic and what they mean for the future of business organizations.

These are three essential parts of an essay. The content of an essay body depends on your topic choice or a school task. The main rule is that the body-part is here to develop your topic idea in the most beneficial way. Use the opportunity to impress and inspire your business management essay readers!

20 Topics for 2020’s Business Management Essay Writing

Topics for 2020’s Business Management Essay

Academic students and business school attendees may find it useful to think over and get inspired by the latest essay topic ideas from professional editors of our writing service.

  1. Emerging requirements for business management in a fast-changing business environment.
  1. Business management in marketing-driven organizations.
  1. Innovative business management cultures in organizations of 2020th.  
  1. New challenges and opportunities for business management in the data-driven world. 
  1. Agile business management in organizations. 
  1. What price do organizations pay for the lack of vision and direction? 
  1. Business management and organization’s sustainability in turbulent times.
  1. Business models of future organizations.
  1. Top business leading organizations and managers – what sets them apart from everyone else?
  1.  Successful management of changes and transformation in organizations. 
  1. Demonstrating strong corporate purpose and high business management efficiency in crisis times. 
  1. Business management and innovative potential of organizations. 
  1. Business management role and priorities in the 2020th. 
  1. Social entrepreneurship. 
  1. Business management – how to keep up with market transformations. 
  1. Motivational leadership as a way to increase business results.
  1. The balance of efficiency and innovations.
  1. What will define the success of business managers in the future? 
  1. Business competition in the age of artificial intelligence. 
  1. What do the best business managers do to lead their organizations through the coronavirus period?

Use authority business sources to find facts, best practices and ideas for your business management extended essay. Some of them are McKinsey, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Fortune 500 list, World Economic Forum speeches, business awards and ratings, and others.

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